The Amateur Radio Tradition

In the 50’s, my Father first took to the airwaves to make contact with distant stations using gear he had built himself from scratch. His passion was exploring this relatively new, novel means of communications with people from all over the world. I grew up watching him use his rigs and work his CW key with incredible skill, and thanks to his inspiration, I got my own license as a young boy. Now as an adult with a family and a community, I have come to respect Amateur Radio for its full potential – a reliable means of communication in the most austere environments and situations. Our passion is bringing that full potential to bear for you.


We believe that the art of Amateur Radio is enhanced with new technologies like SDRs, CAD, Digital Modes and more. In the spirit of advancing the art, we use these technologies to expertly craft our products and maximize their capability; all without making them subject to failure due to infrastructure outages (no internet dependencies, etc).


Our radio panels are machined in house using our CNC which allows us greater control over the creative process and faster improvements to existing designs. We’re also able to offer cost-effective customizations to our end users; from engravings to custom component selection and layout.

Our Creative Canvas

A single sheet of aluminum yields near endless possibilities.

Having a radio-in-a-box is not a new concept, but we’re not just trying to make carrying your gear easier; we want you to grab ONE box, and be able to communicate effectively with your family, friends and community. In an emergency, you can’t carry your full shack and shouldn’t have to think about the 20 extra items to make your system work.

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